Being Agile in a Waterfall World

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Every business in every industry today must be nimble/agile. Being Agile takes a critical look at what it means to be nimble/agile in any organization or context.

 Joseph goes beyond simply applying a methodology or framework from software development and provides a perspective for being agile in any organization. In his critical analysis of the agile movement Joseph identifies the misuses of the word agile in the software industry that have contributed to confusion and misconceptions. He pushes deep into the principles that support agility in any organization.

Gain a solid foundation in the principles that make agile successful and learn how to apply them to your context. Not just theory, each chapter includes a study guide to help you immediately improve your agility and in your organization. Being Agile examines:
  • Agile misconceptions, refining your understanding
  • How context affects your ability to be agile
  • Being agile with projects vs products (it isn’t the same)
  • How to determine your Agility Horizon.
  • The impact of organizational culture on agility
  • The critical role of leaders in becoming agile

The book culminates with five core practices from the agile movement that anyone can apply in any context to improve effectiveness.

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